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Access Control






     Maitin Security was founded on one principle: to provide peace of mind to homeowners and businesses across Houston and the State of Texas.  We'll design, install, and service your security, cctv, and access control while giving you peace of mind knowing it will be done efficiently, and give you the protection we all deserve to have in our homes and businesses.  Maitin Security can answer any questions and/or concerns you may have regarding safety to your loved ones, and property.  We offer same day service and install; as well as 24hr 7 days a week on call technician to answer any questions, help troubleshoot over the phone (free of charge) and, if needed, dispatched to your home or business.


     Maitin Security was not founded by corporate America, but by a family man with one goal in mind: to provide family, friendly services to the good people of Houston and this great state.  We offer 24 hrs of monitoring, opening/closing reports emailed daily, cellular backup, and much more.  We have a wide variety of video surveillance cameras as well as DVR's.  We offer from basic analog, to high resolution, digital, IP, and wireless CCTV.  All of which can be viewed from the comfort of your home and/or from your iphone.


     When you call, someone from the Maitin family will answer.  You will not be calling some call center out of state, but instead, an employee, and more often than not, the owner himself will get the call and provide you with whatever it is that you are calling about.  All monitoring of your security and fire is done locally.  Don't worry about having to sign a 3 year, 5 year, or extended contract, we offer month to month, year to year, or any terms that suits you at the same low price.  It's very simple: GOD, FAMILY, TRUST, INTEGRITY, and HONOR.  These are the qualities that make up the Maitin Security and Fire creed.